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Report Fraud: Investing

Report Fraud: Investing

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Antes de invertir con un nuevo corredor o asesor financiero, considere la posibilidad de comprobar las respectivas credenciales en los siguientes recursos:


If you spot a crowdfunding scam, first report it to the crowdfunding platform. You may also want to let the social media platform know that you’ve spotted a scam on their network. Here are links to report to some of those companies:

A continuación, denuncie al organizador de la campaña a 
  • The attorney general of the state in which the campaign organizer lives, if you know it, or where the business project is being developed, if the funds are raised for a business purpose
  • If you spot a problem with a local charity listed on an online fundraising platform that serves your community, tell your state’s charities regulator .

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