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Scammers Posing as Meta: Protect Your Facebook Page

Scammers Posing as Meta: Protect Your Facebook Page

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  • Scammers are sending phishing emails posing as Meta, targeting Facebook Page admins.
  • These emails claim that the page has uploaded content that violates guidelines.
  • The goal is to scare small business owners and steal their Facebook login information.

Identifying the Scam:

  • Emails may come from accounts called "Restriction Alert" or "Restriction Details."
  • They often contain links that lead to fake Facebook pages.
  • Look for warning signs like no cover photo, no other posts, and a shield logo as the profile photo.
  • These scam pages mix old posts from the real account owner with new scam-related posts.

Types of Scam Emails:

Claiming Copyright Infringement:
  • Suggests your account might be disabled due to repeated violations.
  • Provides a link to dispute the claim.
Claiming Content Violations:
  • Warns of numerous reports against your account’s content.
  • Asks you to appeal immediately through a provided link.

Prevention Tips:

  • Do Not Click Suspicious Links: Never click on links in emails or messages claiming to be from Facebook or Meta.
  • Verify with Trusted Sources: Forward suspicious messages to a trusted Facebook Management or Ads agency for verification.
  • Check Official Channels: Look for any notifications or messages directly in your Facebook Page, Business Manager, or Ads Manager.
  • Be Cautious with Support Claims: Facebook's support is limited, so be wary of anyone offering proactive help from Meta or Facebook.  Never share your username and password.
  • If You've Been Scammed, Recognize the Compromise: Hackers may have taken over your personal account, Pages, Groups, and Ad Account.
  • Check for Changes: Look for changes in your profile photo, friends list, email, phone number, and password.
  • Avoid Ransom Payments: Hackers may demand payment for account recovery; never comply.
  • Expect Misuse of Your Account: Your account may be used for spamming, integrated into scam operations, or sold.
  • Ignore False Recovery Promises: Ignore claims on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit offering account recovery.
  • Reporting to Facebook:  If your account has been compromised, report it at Facebook Hacked.

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